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Xenical: The Slimming Drug

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Xenical (orlistat) Nice Prescription Recommendations
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This site does not represent and is not affiliated with Roche, the manufacturers of Xenical (orlistat).

Did you know?

Xenical works in the digestive system to prevent about 33% of the fat in your diet being digested.

Alli, which contains half the active ingredient of Xenical, is now available over the counter.

Xenical was approved by the FDA in the US for use as a weight loss drug on April 23rd, 1999.

Xenical is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Roche, who also manufactur the flu medication Tamiflu. Its generic name is orlistat. You may hear your doctor refer to the drug as orlistat and not Xenical.

The Xenical capsule is dark blue and the recommended dose is a 120mg tablet which should be taken immediately before, during or up to one hour after each main meal. If the meal you eating contains no fat, do not take Xenical.

Xenical Information Resource

xenical tabletWelcome to the Xenical information web site. If you are struggling to lose weight, then you may have heard about Xenical, a slimming drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Roche. Xenical is a weight loss pill and may be prescribed to you if you have a Body Mass Index, or BMI, greater than 30, or you have a BMI greater than 27 together with other risk factors such as elevated levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, type II diabetes or heart problems.

This site has been designed to inform you about Xenical, and help you decide whether it is right for you. It is also important that you discuss with your doctor whether Xenical is right for you.

Xenical in the UK and EU

Xenical was approved by the EMEA for use within the EU on July 29th, 1998 and was was approved by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) for prescription to suitable patients on the NHS in March 2001.

It is recommended that treatment with Xenical should be stopped if the patient has not been able to lose 5% of their initial body weight during the first 12 weeks of treatment.

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Xenical in the US

Xenical was approved by the FDA in the US for use as a weight loss drug on April 23rd, 1999.



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